Customer reviews: What people think about professional photographer Margarita Angelova?

Julieta & Dobriyan – Residence Tera, Sofia/2022

Absolutely great photos, great attitude and attention to detail! They were dedicated to the whole event at all times!

Hrisi & Mikey – Hotel Marinela, Sofia/2022

Thank you for your professional attitude, attention and effort for our day! You are awesome ❤️

Roza & Dobri – Pasarel Lake Club, Sofia/2022

Thank you so much for taking amazing photos of our wedding party. You captured our best day perfectly. It was pleasure to have you as part of it all.

Teodora & Ned – Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel, Sofia/2021

I will always choose you – the best wedding photographer! Thank you for the stunning photos, your professionalism, patience and your sense for detail! You captured every important moment and all the strong emotions on our special day! My husband and I deeply appreciate your work! We will most definitely seek out your services in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to others!

customer reviews: Teodora and Ned

Christina and Simeon – summer wedding in Sofia/2021

An outstanding professional and person!

She managed to capture every moment and detail of our wedding day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Margo!

customer reviews: Christina and Simeon

Zarina and Svilen – Wedding photo session in Sofia/ 2021

The best and careful photographer!

A wonderful person and a professional who puts his whole heart into her work!

The communication and organization of the photo shoot was a real pleasure!

Thanks for the attitude and the beautiful photos, Margo!

customer reviews: Zarina and Svilen

Iva and Ivan – Wedding in Vratsa / 2021

The best wedding photographer!

Margo is a true professional who loves her job and puts her heart and soul into every single shoot. I was able to capture unique shots of our wedding day. Thank you Margo!

customer reviews:Iva and Ivan

Camellia and Deyan – wedding at Winery Hotel “Seven Generations”/2021

We looked at the pictures, they are phenomenal 😍 I can’t believe that we can go out for pictures like this!

customer reviews: Camellia and Deyan

Pami and Dido - Wedding photo session at the Hayat Hotel, Sofia / 2020

From our first meeting, we were sure that this was the person who would seal our most important day in the most emotional and professional way! We are grateful to have worked with you, Margo! You are great! Work with heart and soul! You and Ceci are a great team and we hope you will cover more of our moments in the future!!!

customer reviews: Pami and Dido

Lubomira and Dilyan - Wedding photo session in Sofia/2020

Thank you for all perfect shots @photostudiomargo 😍

Verginia and Nikolay - Wedding in Sofia/2020

Margo, thank you for our wedding photo session. You are great  photographer ❤️

Siana and Peter - Wedding at the foot of Rila

Margo, thank you for sealing our special day! We were calm all day that there was a professional next to us who was doing a very good job. There wasn’t a moment that Margo wasn’t out of place, ready to film everything that was happening. If we had to choose again, we would trust Margo again! When someone works with all heart – it is obvious! Thank you!❤️

customer reviews: Siana and Peter

Alex and Tsetso - Wedding at Hotel Accord /2019

Thanks to Margarita for her professionalism, dedication and love, with which she does her job! The result is seen in the great ones photos you made for us! If you want to get an individual attitude for your special day, as well as many useful tips before it – she is the one!

customer reviews: Alex and Tsetso

Polly and Stan - Wedding at St. Sofia Golf Club /2019

“Dear Margo, Thank you very much! You give your heart to what you do and the result is visible in the footage. And how much work is invested even by us, the newlyweds can not guess. Once again thank you! Kisses! ”

customer reviews: Polly and Stan

Lyubomira and Veselin - Outdoor garden wedding in the "Fairy Garden" near Elin Pelin

“Margo, we wish you to continue to work with so much dedication, passion and love. You are a wonderful person and a professional photographer. Thank you for being able to recreate in the shots all that, for which we had tried sooo much…. Looking at the photos taken by you and your team, we are COMPLETELY immersed in the magic of our special day, namely the wedding day. Judge us, endure us – now we, friends and relatives are happy with all the moments that you captured with a lot of enthusiasm and posture 🙂 “

customer reviews: Lyubomira and Veselin

Christina and Angel - about wedding photography

сватбен фотограф, сватба, младоженци

“Margo, thank you for the professionalism and dedication with which you shot our special day! You were not only our photographer, but also a guest with whom we managed to share our most wonderful moments !!! Good luck and go ahead !!! ”

Victoria Luleva / 2018

“Margo, you are a magician! Remember our most wonderful moments! You have a great talent to capture the most intimate moments! Thank you! Make our day irresistible, despite the terrible cold! ”

Tsvetelina Stoycheva / 2017

“Margo, thank you for capturing such beautiful moments from our wedding! You are great professionals! Thank you again! Love you! The pictures are great! Thank you so much! You are the Best!

Villie and Tommy: About Wedding Photography

“Margo, thank you for the professionalism of the whole team, for the attitude, self-sacrifice and creativity. Not only do you capture the moments of joy, but you also put soul and emotion, which is evident in the photos!We have listened carefully to your advice and we are very pleased with this fact. Thank you and we wish you many more exciting moments, smiles and, of course, conceptual photo shoots! “

Manuela and Peter - about wedding photography

Професионален сватбен фотограф

“Great professional and great person! Margarita Angelova! The photos speak for the rest… ”

Bobby and Moni: about wedding photography

“Thank you Margo for her professionalism, sense and beauty, beautiful memories and unforgettable moments captured through your lens, moments that with each leafing remind us of our moment, as if it were yesterday. Thank you for giving 100% to everyone, capturing the emotions and sealing them forever. You do things with a smile and ease, with enthusiasm and great desire, that’s why your results are amazing! Thank you for the great attitude! It was a pleasure for us to be a part of our unforgettable story. “

Diana and Stoyan - about my wedding day and a wonderful photographer!

“A unique person and a great professional! Whatever I say will not be enough, it can be seen from every single shot, perfected! Big THANKS!!!”

Tanya Stankova / 2016

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the job well done and for the surprise that Margarita Angelova made for us! Margo, I wish you to make your dreams come true, both professionally and personally, always be such a positive person and a great professional. Thank you on behalf of the Stankovi family and good luck! ”

customer reviews: Stankovi